Review for Connecty ICO

Idea & Token

Connecty is positioning itself as a place where knowledge is transformed into innovation. Based on harmony of fairness, openness, and progress, this platform will interconnect multiple fields of knowledge to simplify R&D processes for companies. As a result, Connecty will connect the knowledge sources (people, laboratories, libraries, etc.) with innovators in a decentralized knowledge economy, fast and securely. The system will work the following way. A person who needs to get some knowledge or information (innovator) asks a question and formulates what is needed. The built-in AI translates this question to scientific/business language and starts searching for the required specialists (knowledge source) in a database. Once the list of found experts is ready, the innovator chooses the one of them who meets the innovator’s requirements best. After the agreement between the two parties is done, a smart contract is issued fixing the agreement and making it transparent and secure for both participants. On the other side, the experts are interested in better visibility on the platform and manage the process via special interface. Once the knowledge is transmitted to an innovator, the expert is paid with CTY tokens that can be converted into fiat.
CTY is a utility token based on Stellar Blockchain and will be used for payments for knowledge and purchases in the Knowledge Store (subscriptions to scientific magazines, books, tools, etc.) A total supply is 1.375 billion tokens. The token distribution is as follows: 55% – crowdsale, 15% – Blue Horizon Reserve, 11% – team and advisors, 9% – Foundation Blue Horizon, 5% – bounty, 5% – early adopted users.


The team is quite big and consists of 40+ specialists including the core team of 8 people. CEO Olivier Alirol previously worked at AUVALIE Innovation Group, a consulting company that helps startups to develop their innovations. CTO Julien Brodier co-founded Talium, a blockchain and middleware integrator, and Nova, an IT engineering company. 13 advisors help the team at such spheres as neuroscience and knowledge, middleware, blockchain, innovation, science and AI. The advisory board include a PhD in Cognitive Sciences and a professor of knowledge economy in France.


Connecty is creating a marketplace of knowledge with experts trying to sell their expertise on one side, and companies looking for effective outsourced R&D on the other. The relationship between them is regulated with a smart contract. So, the idea is simple and rational and the scheme is classic. Keep in mind that the knowledge market is currently estimated at about $2 billion. The guys know where they are going. The team is providing information only about the leading persons. Who are the rest 32 team members – no idea, and that looks strange. Good news – they already have 5000 experts from France and plans to attract knowledge sources worldwide. Part of CTY tokens will be bought back on external exchanges.

A promising project with a new idea. If the guys manage to reinforce hype and attract enough participants into the platform community, we expect excellent growth.


Average rates for the project

3 / 5


Current cap
7450000 $
Hard cap
11000000 $

About Connecty


  • Ticker: CTY
  • Token type: ERC223
  • ICO Token Price: 1 CTY = 0.01 EUR
  • Fundraising Goal: 11,000,000 EUR
  • Sold on pre-sale: 1,700,000 USD
  • Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000
  • Available for Token Sale: 74%
  • Whitelist: YES (PERIOD ISN'T SET)
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): YES
  • Сan't participate: CHINA, SINGAPORE
  • Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.1 ETH / TBA
  • Accepts: ETH